The Church Stretton Art, Crafts and Photography Exhibition is open to artists, craft persons and photographers over the age of 18 years living within 30 miles of Church Stretton.  Exceptions to this rule will be by invitation only.

Please read carefully: entering your work into Exhibition 2017 indicates that you have read, understood and agreed the conditions of entry.

The categories and number of permitted entries are as follows:

  • Three 2D framed or box canvases (drawing/painting/print)
  • Five  2D browsers (mounted unframed work)
  • Six 3D/Crafts (ceramics/sculpture/textiles/wood) works. This revised number includes framed and unframed textile work. We hope to display all works submitted but space is limited. If you have concerns about the total size of your submissions, please contact the organisers before submitting your entries. We will be pleased to negotiate on an individual basis. We are unable to accept more than five copies of a book- one sample, four for sale which must be listed as individual entries.
  • Four framed photographs (or other formats e.g. canvas, block mounts, acrylics etc) We hope to hang all works submitted but space is limited. Photographs listed fourth may have to be kept in reserve.
  • Four Photo Browsers (mounted unframed work)
  • Thirty Cards (one set of twenty – top up set of 10 – please see note below)

Preparing your work for exhibition

  • All works to be hung and 3D craft work must bear a secure, stick-on label positioned on the reverse of framed work or securely fastened to 3D/Craft work. Labels must include the following information:
    • Name and address of entrant
    • Title of work
    • Number of work on entry form
    • Price or NFS
  • All works for hanging must be presented to exhibition standard and securely strung from points one third down the frame. Please do not use wire. Box frames are acceptable but not clip frames or mirror plates. If work does not meet framing standards, it will not be hung.
  • Unframed work, including textile work, must be mounted and protected in plastic sleeves or strong plastic film (not cling-film).  A label showing the name of the artist, title and price must be stuck firmly to the reverse of the sleeve.
  • Wall hangings and quilts must have hanging aids attached, eg loops.


  • Each artist may submit up to 30 cards for sale when they bring their work for hanging on 29 July 2017.  Please supply your cards in one set of 20 and one set of 10. The first set will be displayed from the start of the exhibition with the second set kept in reserve to replace sold items. Artists should not replenish stocks themselves.
  • All greetings cards must have envelopes and be sealed in a polypropylene bag. Each individual bag must bear a label on the back with the artist’s name and the price of the card. Cards which are not correctly packaged will not be offered for sale. It would help in the recording of card sales if you could have standard prices: small cards at one price; larger ones at another price.

Important notes: 

  • On-line entries cost £1.05 per exhibit to cover PayPal fees.
  • Postal entries cost £1 per exhibit.
  • Acknowledgements will be made by email to all artists who supply an email address on their entry forms.
  • Exhibitors are required to steward for a minimum of three hours. If this requirement causes serious difficulty, please contact us. As the Exhibition is expanding to cover four rooms, please indicate if you are willing to steward for four hours in total during the course of the exhibition. As usual, artists can split their hours as they choose.
  • Works shown in previous Church Stretton Festival Exhibitions are not eligible.
  • A commission of 17.5% will be charged on all sales.
  • Only two works in each category may be designated Not for Sale (NFS).
  • Exhibitors should arrange insurance for their work if required. We will make every effort to protect your work, but the Art Exhibition cannot accept responsibility for any which may be stolen, damaged or lost.
  • Photographic entries must be based on a photographically produced image. Work created entirely within a computer must be entered in the 2D art section.
  • All entries must be the original work of the entrant, who will retain copyright of the work.
  • Copies in any form of original or reproduced work of other artists will not be accepted.
  • Laser prints or photocopies of work will not be accepted.
  • Art work developed from pre-printed designs, kits and components or from patterns may not be acceptable.
  • The display committee reserves the right to exclude work that is deemed to be unacceptable in an exhibition of this nature. 

Exhibition 2017: important dates:

  • Saturday 29 July 2017 from 10 am to 12 noon: receiving times for all exhibits.
  • Monday 31 July 2017: opening night reception at 7.30pm.
  • Tuesday 1 August to Saturday 12 August 2017: exhibition opening period.
  • Sunday 13 August 2017 from 10 am to 12 noon: collection times for unsold work. The organisers cannot be responsible for work which is not collected at the stated time. There are no storage facilities at the school.