Thursday 3 August 7:30pm,
Church Stretton School £12

Theatre Tours International presents


Written & Performed by Clair Whitefield
Directed by Guy Masterson


A hit at Edinburgh 2016: From Kerala to Camden, an epic, mystical tale of love, loss and soul-food.

A cobbler and a cook concoct a delicious transcontinental enchantment as tragedy and chance entwine. Katie dreams of curries and chapattis; Ajna, of holy souls and reincarnation… A delightful, poetic, magical yarn that conjoins the spirit of India with the heart of London.

Directed by Olivier Award winner (for ‘Morecambe’) Guy Masterson.

“An extraordinary, humbling story of love, family, loss, grief, new beginnings and unexpected friendships. A delicious, appetising, spicy feast of a show! (Edinburgh Guide, 2016)

The imprint lasts long after the performance ends.” (Three Weeks, 2016)

Chopping Chillies tells the tale of Ajna Jan, a martial artist from Kerala, who inherits his uncle’s cobbler’s shop in Camden Town. He moves from Cochin to London to take it over, when his family die in a house fire. The story focuses on the customers he helps as well as his unlikely friendship with Katie, a young woman who runs the Indian street food cafe next door and how this relationship changes both their lives.

As well as being an Apples and Snakes associate artist, Clair Whitefield has been performing spoken word from more than a decade. During this time, she’s been a resident poet at poetry institution Bang Said the Gun; won the Farrago Easter Slam and Valentine’s Anti-Slam and performed at arts festivals all around the UK including Settle Storytelling Festival and the Essex Poetry Festival.  Chopping Chillies is her first poetry-play.